Episode 17

Published on:

5th Sep, 2021

Episode 16

Published on:

27th Jun, 2021

Episode 15

Published on:

17th Jun, 2021

Episode 14

Published on:

8th Jun, 2021

Episode 12

Published on:

3rd Jun, 2021

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The Noize Report
We report on all things Loud!
The Noize Report brings you all things LOUD!

Music, Movies, TV, Comedy, Geek Culture, Pop Culture, you never know. Whatever we bring you, just know that we're doing it on 10!

About your host

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Christopher Plain

The Noize Report is hosted by "The Music God" CJ Plain. 60 minutes of random, goofy conversation with people from across the globe. Music, Movies, Pop Culture, Politics, and just stupid juvenile humor!

The only thing I promise is that we're going be loud and make a lot of NOIZE!